Why People Choose Us

Companies choose us because we deliver differentiated value

These elements of our offering(s) create points of distinction.

  • Transformative, not incremental shifts. There are two levers that we focus on in the AI4BP Master Mind program – shifting beliefs and delivering results, in order to increase sponsorship.

  • Beliefs versus Actions – Shifting actions creates incremental change. Shifting beliefs creates transformational change. In particular, we focus on minimizing the impact of Stereotype Threat by helping participants to identify limiting beliefs and transform them into breakthrough beliefs.
  • Real Work, Real Results – the program provides focused, intentional small group coaching and accountability around six specific results that each participant creates. The responsibilities and deliverables that participants have in their current role is “The Work.” The mix of this program is 30% training, 50% coaching, 20% boot camp (actions, habit creation and accountability).
  • “Radical” Depth – a radical (root cause) approach to behavior change that is incorporated into a learning design that thoroughly examines resistance to growth and impact, and provides specific guidance for how to move past this resistance.
  • You cannot be powerful without being present. You can’t be present without knowing how to command your breathing and attention.  Each month, we have techniques that hone these skills for participants.
  • “Checkers” to “Chess” – our competency model activates strategic acumen and supports the shift from common knowledge to common practice
  • The AI4BP Master Mind journey is about increased sponsorship, and each month is a guided exploration of key elements to garner increased sponsorship
  • Shifting to breakthrough beliefs enables professionals to access your existing leadership and learning programs more fully and effectively. Our focus is on teaching a process to highlight the leverage points for demonstrating accelerated performance.  You work within the organization to “change the game”.  We work with “the players to improve how they play the game.”


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